Arbukhanova P.A.

LiF – Li2SO4 – NaCl SYSTEM

DOI: 10.6060/tcct.20165911.5424
Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved. Khim. Khim. Tekhnol. 2016. V. 59. N 11. P. 46-49

2016, Т. 59, № 11, Стр. 46-49


The stable cross section of LiF - NaF - KCl quadruple mutual system Li, Na, K // F, Cl was studied with the differential thermal (DTA) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) methods. It was established that in a system the eutectic composition crystallizing at 591 ° C is realized. Temperatures of starting solid-phase reactions were revealed in the ternary systems mutual Na, K // F, Cl and Li, Na // F, Cl, (715 and 650 °C, respectively) corresponding to the con-version of reactants of metastable diagonals into products of stable diagonals.

Key words: eutectic, stable section, mutual system, conversion point, solid-phase reaction, reac-tant, product, state diagram, stoichiometric ratios, non- variant composition

1. Verdieva Z.N., Arbukhanova P.A., Verdiev N.N. // Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved. Khim. Khim. Tekhnol. 2010. V. 53. N 1. P. 57– 59 (in Russian).

2016, Т. 59, № 5, Стр. 37-40
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