Babaev E.R.


Antimicrobial properties of nitrile complexes of transition metal salts were studied in-cluding the investigation of their activity in surfactants and mineral oil environments. Exper-iments of the polymeric complexes preparation by in-situ copolymerization of the nitrile pol-ymers in the presence of transition metal salts and reactions of transition metal salts added to the ready polymers were performed. The dependence of the polymer complexes forming par-ticularities on central metal atoms nature was determined.

Key words: transition metal salts complexes, polyacrylonitrile, poly(styrene-acrylonitrile), poly(acryl-onitrile-butadiene-styrene), ab initio calculations, thermodynamic parameters

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2016, Т. 59, № 5, Стр. 81-89
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