In article the results of complex study of water quality for tributaries of Volga river in a water area of Gorky water-storage basin. Study methods included both the chemical and biological methods of pollution level control. For all water flows the excess of MPC on heavy metals (by 1-27 times), partially on copper by 1-27, on iron –by 3-9, on manganese by 1-8, as well as on ammonium cations – by 1-6, and difficult-oxidizing organic compounds (COD)-by 2-4 is observed. It was established by the bio-testing method (test-objects are the chlorella algae and Daphnia) that water samples taken in the region of river mouths of Gor-ky water-storage basin (Sunzha, Kazokha, Elnat, Kineshemka) don’t posses acute toxicity but they are slightly toxicity.

Key words: natural water, pollutants, toxicity evaluation, biotesting

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2016, Т. 59, № 5, Стр. 89-94


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