In this work the conditions for synthesis of copper nanoparticles by sodium tetrahy-droborate in the presence of NTF are optimized. It is proved that the most favorable condi-tions for the reduction of copper in the solutions with its concentration of 2.0∙10-2 mol/l, are created when the concentration of tetrahydroborate sodium is three to four- fold exceeded, the titratable alkalinity is 5.3∙10-2-10.3∙10-2 mol/l, the temperature is 60 °C and the ratio of cation and chelate is equimolar. The method of photon correlation spectroscopy has con-firmed the obtaining of copper nanoparticles with hydrodynamic radius of 25 nm, including shell stabilizers. The immutability of the size of bass for at least 72 h has been revealed.

Key words: complexions, copper sols, bio-protectability, cellulose-containing materials

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