Now the microfiltration are widely used for treatment of surface waters (sea, river) from the fine suspended solids, colloidal and organic compounds including their preparation for reverse osmosis desalination and for purification of waste and water processing at the creation of closed systems of water use. The process of water purification using microfiltra-tion elements of roll type on the basis of micro porous membranes with cylindrical pores of 0.2 microns size at laboratory and industrial plants was studied. The technology for pre-treatment of water prior to microfiltration by coagulant dosing to increase the specific productivity of microfiltration elements and the quality of the filtrate was proposed. The op-timal dose of ferric chloride coagulant and the time of contact with water and water quality parameters (color, turbidity, total iron content, the index of density of sediment) were deter-mined. The resulting indicators of the quality of the filtrate for water at input of the reverse osmosis systems were: the average value of the filtrate turbidity - 0.2 NTU, the average SDI15 value -3.5. The obtained high value of specific performance in working mode was 260 l/ (m2barh)( average value).

Key words: microporous membrane, cylindrical pores, sea water, coagulation, purification , role type element, reverse osmosis

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2016, Т. 59, № 7, Стр. 75-79


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