Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved. Khim. Khim. Tekhnol. 2016. V. 59. N 10. P. 61-71

The article presents the properties of thermoplastic polymer composite materials de-veloped from Russian components. VTP-7 is a material developed for injection molding. VKU-44 is a carbon plastic based on polyarylsulfone. Methods of modification of thermo-plastic polymers to give them functional properties are represented. It is shown that the de-veloped materials have not analogues in the domestic industry. The level of physical and me-chanical properties, fire properties and thermal stability of the developed materials fully comply with the requirements of the modern polymer composite materials. These materials are not inferior to foreign analogues.
This work was completed within the integrated research areas 13.2. "Structural poly-meric composite materials" and 15.3. "Materials and coatings for protection against elec-tromagnetic emission, shock, vibration, acoustic and electrical effects" («Strategic directions of the development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period until 2030»).

Key words: thermoplastic, filler, modification, composite material, thermal stability, rheology, microstructure, molecular weight, injection molding, pressing

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2016, Т. 59, № 10, Стр. 61-71


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