Synthesis and study of drug composites based on porous silica is promising area for development of new drug formulations with improved pharmacological and consumer prop-erties. Adsorption is one of easiest and fruitful preparation method of drug composites with porous materials. To develop conditions of preparation of novel silica composites with anti-coagulant warfarin by adsorption, the influence of medium pH on kinetics of warfarin ad-sorption on mesoporous silica materials with different surface chemistry was studied. For this purpose unmodified mesoporous silica was synthesized by sol-gel method. The phenyl and mercaptopropyl modified silica materials were prepared by grafting. The results of ki-netic study showed that the warfarin adsorption predominantly follows the pseudo-second-order kinetics. The rate constants of the pseudo-second-order (k2) were found to be depend-ent on pH and presence of the organic surface groups. The effects were explained by pH-dependent structural diversity of the drug and surface charge of the silica adsorbents as well as their surface heterogeneity. It was established that film diffusion is the rate-controlling step of the adsorption.

Key words: adsorption, kinetics, medium pH, mesoporous silica, warfarin

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2016, Т. 59, № 6, Стр. 58-63


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