In connection with development of techniques and technologies and unification and substitution the most important task for Russia is to solve the problem of development and in-troduction of modern high-quality domestic greases. The most suitable in this respect is greases with the urea derivatives thickener — organic compounds containing in molecules one or more urea (urea, wreath) groups. In recent years, the production of these lubricants attracts increased attention of specialists, because they have unique exploitation characteris-tics: the combination of high-hydrolytic and chemical resistance, operability in a wide tem-perature range, thermo-strengthening lack, retention its properties at high speeds and specif-ic loads, in contact with adverse environments, etc. We received greases based on poly urea with the addition of pigment. The synthesized pigments have different structure and belong to different classes of compounds. We conducted a search for the most optimal structures and concentrations of pigments which are included in the poly urea grease.

Key words: poly urea, poly urea thickeners, diisocyanates, pigments

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2016, Т. 59, № 7, Стр. 68-74


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