Dependence of secondary electron emission coefficient on the chosen crystallograph-ic orientation for a synthetic single crystal diamond of type IIb, grown up by method of a temperature gradient, was investigated. The type IIb of single crystal diamond was chosen because of wide applicability in different areas of microelectronics and the semiconductor properties. Quantitative measurements of secondary electron emission coefficients with ener-gy of primary beam about 7 keV and above for various crystallographic orientations was carried out: the highest coefficient of secondary electronic emission are recorded for the di-rection (100), cubic sector, and also in intergrowth area that is confirmed by a picture of dis-tribution of the luminescence intensity for various sectors of a single crystal received by means of true secondary electrons detector of scanning electron microscope. The results for (100) area are outstanding: 8.18 at primary beam energy of 7 keV, 10.13 at 10 keV, 49.78 at 30 keV. The results for intergrowth area are similar: 10.10 at primary beam energy of 7 keV, 13.56 at 10 keV, 64.41 at 30 keV. The crystallographic directions (111) have shown second-ary electron emission coefficient 4-6 times lower in comparison with (100) and intergrowth area: 2.54 on the average at primary beam energy of 7 keV, 2.75 at 10 keV, 10.03 at 30 keV. The non-standard behavior of secondary electron emission coefficient at the high ener-gy primary beam for all orientations of single crystal diamond is shown: increase in second-ary electron emission coefficient with increase in energy of primary beam. At the moment the reason of such behavior is not clear up to the end and since this fact causes a great interest of researchers, considerably expands applicability of the existing devices and detectors due to replacement of a functional element on diamond one, and also opens big opportunities for formation of new field of microelectronics, this facts demand further in-depth study by means of various methods of the structural and surface analysis.

Key words: secondary electron emission, electronic affinity, surface states, diamond

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2016, Т. 59, № 8, Стр. 21-26


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